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We have some of the most competitive prices out there for quality translations. As we don't spend a fortune on expensive sales reps and brochures, we can keep our prices to a minimum while conserving the quality of using qualified, vetted, native speaker translators.
Prices start from: 8USD per 300 English words!
Prices depend on the following 5 things:

1) Language pair (e.g. English into Khmer or Khmer into English or Thai into Khmer etc) - more exotic languages cost more, translations INTO English cost more than translations FROM English

2) Number of words - for very short translations we have a minimum charge of 8USD. For larger translations (above 5,000 words) discounts are automatically built into our prices.

3) Timescale - the longer you can give us to do your translation, the lower our prices. Urgent translations are more expensive as it means we often have to rearrange the work schedules of our translators.

4) Type of language - general translations are the cheapest while legal, technical and literary translations cost more as only specific translators are qualified to do them.

5) Proofreading - if you require a second qualified, native-speaker translator to double-check the work, we add 50% to our prices. We strongly recommend this for most legal documents and anything which is going to be printed (once it's printed, you can't make changes whereas on websites it's easy to change the odd mistake).

For a free quotation based on your precise translation needs, please use our Free Quotation Tool.
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